One of the best parts of working as a doctor in the UK is the different varieties of pathways that you will get to pursue. Any division within the field promises you a fresh welcome and a long array of success, challenges, and failures but all equally.

To practise medicine in the UK it is required to register and hold a license. Holding a license, gives you an authority to prescribe medicines and treat patients. Doctors holding a license also are subjected to prove that they are up to date with the knowledge & skills through regular checks on practise, known as revalidation. For doctors who are not practising or are practising overseas, can opt to register without a license. Registering with the General Medical Council, on the whole supports the doctors in showing that they are continuing to follow the principles and standards of good medical practise.

It is also important for the doctors to be licensed or to hold a registration or neither. But, in the UK it is a criminal offence for a doctor to fake an impression of holding a registration or license. Keeping the contact details up to date and paying an annual fee regularly is mandatory to stay on the register as well as to show following of good medical practise.

A good medical practise defines what it means to be a good doctor:

It says that as a good doctor, you will

  • Keep Patient Care as your primary concern.
  • Keep yourself up to date and competent with the professional knowledge and skills.
  • Being prompt in taking the next safe action.
  • Maintaining good partnerships with patients and colleagues.
  • Being open, honest, and acting with integrity.

These are the professional values and guidelines that is expected from any doctor who is registered.

Getting a Doctor’s Job in The UK

The UK is a country that’s well known for its world class medical facilities. There is a very regular and flowing need for skilled doctors in the UK. Also, the UK welcomes doctors of all grades and experiences. Employers there check for appropriate qualifications, experience, and effective communication. It is good to check with the job opportunities for doctors in the UK before making an application to join the UK medical register as it is difficult to get a job as a doctor having been away from practise for a long time.

The UK as a country, offers many benefits to the doctors from the overseas like:

  • Rewarding work experience with one of the world’s largest healthcare system
  • Quality training and development including the opportunity to gain UK royal college qualification
  • Job Stability
  • Good standards of pay
  • Pension Benefits
  • Opportunity to experience UK lifestyle

The UK being one of the most popular destinations for overseas doctors in the EU has many more reasons for why it is so i.e., starting from standardized care to research excellence.

The UK’s publicly funded National Healthcare System relies upon overseas skills to bridge the gap between skill shortage and the country’s demand.

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