Doctors have been exempted from the controversial annual cap of 20,700 visas.

The changes that were recently made in the UK visa rules, are going to affect many Indians.

Unrestricted Work Visas For Doctors

As declared, “Doctors have been exempted from the annual cap of 20700 visas”- meaning that there’s no restriction to the number of entries for non-EU doctors to the UK, including India which accounts for around 40% of all tier-2 slots. This lets the NHS to fill the shortage of skilled professionals enabling stability in the UK’s health system

Tier 2 visas apply for non EU residents with a job offer in the UK. This 40% slots are opened for other fields of profession as well. The tier 2 cap is UK’s approach towards controlling migration.

Restricted Student Visas

UK has added a lot of ‘low risk’ countries for granting tier 4 student visas while it has skipped on India. The list which already had US, Canada, and New Zealand; now adds up China, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Bahrain, The Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Macau, The Maldives and Serbia. Students from the low risk countries face a very smoother visa application process with reduced checks on educational, financial and language skill requirements.

India ranks in the top 3, i.e. next to China and the US, from where students come in to the UK to study. While, the Indian students have had registered a hike of 30% to hit 15,171 tier 4 visas in 2017, this number is just the half of the total hits, six years ago. Although the revised list excludes India, the list introduces no change to the ground. Indian students who are applying for visas still have to go through the same process. The UK government has decided not to offer India, the benefit it offered to many other countries. However, the proportion of students coming from India to the UK has increased from 50% in 2010 to 90% in 2016 and are up 30% in 2017.

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