Ultimate Guide to get a job in Canada in 2022

Ultimate Guide to Get a Job in Canada in 2022

Despite the ongoing pandemic disrupting routine life around the globe, there is still positivity prevalent among the masses due to various globalization friendly initiatives. One such example is Canada’s highly popular immigrant friendly permanent residence program, allowing skilled individuals around the globe to settle down in Canada based on their merit and eligibility.

With the whole world still grappling with Covid-19 cases in the mid of 2021, the biggest concern is its impact on global immigration plans. Fortunately, Canada is still, and in fact will be in the future, increasing chances for foreigners to immigrate to Canada. A part of it can be attributed to Canada’s urge for improving its economic growth by filling the labor requirements, increasing innovation, and more. Another noteworthy reason is the decreasing popularity of United States of America as the popular destination because of its stringent and rigid immigration rules and regulations.

Figure below indicates the Canada’s immigration plan for the next two years:

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In fact, Canada has been welcoming more new permanent residents through multiple options and opportunities. According to the 2021-2023 Immigration plan, Canada is likely to welcome more than 4 lakh foreigners in the year 2021.

5 Popular reasons for migrating to Canada in 2022:

A promising career, decent quality of life, world-class and affordable education, diverse opportunities, and a welcoming attitude towards new comers makes Canada the most popular choice among aspirants to immigrate and settle down. Apart from that, there are several other reasons which would definitely prompt you to look out for reliable Canada PR consultants and kickstart your immigration journey.

Some of these obvious reasons are given below:

  1. Canada Government’s welcoming stance for immigrants: According to popular sources, the influx of immigrants has been in the range of 2.2 lakhs to 2.6 lakhs per annum since the last 20 years. In fact, the Canadian government is planning to invite about 12 lakh new permanent residents for the next 3 years. This means you do have a good chance to migrate to Canada provided you meet all the eligibility criteria.
  2. A plethora of job opportunities: Even though 2020 was a tumultuous year for Canada with dwindling economy, things are finally picking up pace this year, specially in terms of employment and increasing business opportunities. Numerous jobs are now being created in various industries like manufacturing, food, retail, construction, education, transportation, etc. Also, the technology sector is poised to growth with the government’s inclusive plans through investments and support. This means an increase in the demand for tech workers and in turn, more job opportunities.
  3. High quality education system: Canada boasts of being one of the best education providers in the world, hosting some top universities like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University, and more. Also, a pragmatic approach to teaching, easy availability of desired program, internship-based curriculum and many other factors makes Canada the most desirable place for international studies.
  4. An all-inclusive culturally diverse society: With its progressive immigration policies and growing economy, Canada has been the most sought-after place for a better future since past 5 years. As a large number of people from different countries have immigrated to and settled in Canada, the latter has become a blending hub for different cultures, ethic backgrounds, religions and heritage.  
  5. Universal healthcare system: One of the most appealing factors for foreigners to move to Canada is its universal medical care provided to each and every permanent resident and citizen. Every province in Canada has its own healthcare plan which provides healthcare facilities and services to the residents. The healthcare system is tax funded and is available to every citizen or permanent resident with a healthcare insurance card.

Top 4 ways to migrate to Canada:

With the above-mentioned reasons and proliferation of new plans, Canada’s immigration programs have gained significant traction over the past few years. Also, increasing availability of Canada PR visa consultants has opened the doors of Canada immigration to many prospective individuals and their families around the globe.

In fact, there are a lot of options available for an individual or even his/her family to move permanently to Canada. Given below are top 4 ways through which you can easily immigrate to Canada:

  1. Express Entry: One of the most popular immigration programs, this stream is applicable for any skilled worker or trader around the globe and also for individuals with at least one year work experience in Canada. It uses a comprehensive ranking system wherein candidates receive points based on several factors like age, occupation, foreign work experience, Canadian work experience, education, language, and more.

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2. Provincial Nominee Program: This stream is suitable for candidates looking forward to work and live in a particular province or territory. Eligibility is decided by individual skills, education, and work experience of an individual. Each province has its own immigration plan which is designed as per the province’s economic and demographic need.

You can either apply through a paper-based process under a non-express entry stream or by getting ‘notification of interest’, from the concerned province, to your express entry profile.

Table below shows the list of provinces and their corresponding immigration programs.

3. Start-up Visa Program: Canadian government encourages promising aspirants around the globe to start and grow their business in the country. To qualify for this program, you must have a eligible business, get support from a designated entity, be proficient in language (English or French) and have sufficient funds.

4. Study Permit: As mentioned earlier, Canadian education system is the most efficient and finest among other countries and is ranked 3rd in the world after United States and United Kingdom. Students willing to study in Canada can opt for this program and even get work permit for a stipulated time period based on their study program length.

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Choosing the best Canada PR visa consultant:

While there are numerous reasons to prompt you in making the move towards permanent settlement in Canada, the most challenging part is finding a trust worthy and reliable Canada PR visa consultant who can help you in your entire PR application journey. Fortunately, with a wealth of experience and expertise, we are one of the most qualified and efficient immigration consultants in Hyderabad/Bangalore/Mumbai. We provide support for any type of immigration plans and even for processing student visas, starting from paper work to post-approval support till you settle completely in Canada.

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