Types of visas

Language Course Visa: Choose to apply for this visa if you want to learn the German language or need to learn it before applying to a German university. The validity of the "language course visa" will be for the same duration as the German language course - 3 months - 1 year.

Student Applicant Visa: If you want to stay in Germany and spend some time trying to decide which course to study OR if there's a delay in receiving the admission letter from your chosen university, then a "student applicant visa" valid for 3 months is issued. This visa can be extended for another 6 months.

Student Visa: If you're an Indian student who has already received the admission letter from your chosen German university, then you just need to apply for the "student visa."

Documents required

  • A valid passport that was issued within the last 10 years and that will remain valid for at least another year after your scheduled return from Germany
  • One A4 sized copy of your passport's data page (the page that has your name, photo, parents' info)
  • 3 passport-sized photographs
  • A cover letter written by you that explains the exact reason & time-period of your stay in Germany
  • A soft copy of the admission letter from the German university that has offered you a seat
  • If paid, then proof of payment of tuition fees
  • Proof of proficiency in English language (if your course is going to be taught in German, then proof of your proficiency in German language will be needed)
  • Proof of any other academic qualifications (if needed)
  • Travel health insurance that covers you from the date you leave India till the date you join the university
  • Proof that you have enough money to survive in Germany while you pursue your chosen course there.

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