To take up education in Hong Kong as in a university student you should likewise have a confirmed offer to study at a public or private university or similar institution. You should also show that you can satisfy any sort of fees that are required as part of the course. If you are not an academic pupil you might have the ability to study in Hong Kong as part of a company training scheme. Visas are restricted to 12 months and are applicable only while the participant is being trained. The sponsoring company needs to financially support the student with a written contract that the applicant will certainly get training at the company’s premises until the completion of the pre-determined period.


  • The applicant should age between 5 years to 11 years to enroll under under primary education.
  • The applicant should age below 20 years to enroll under secondary education.
  • The applicant needs to have a school acceptance letter before going to Hong Kong.

Document Requirement

  • The applicant should submit the application for entering Hong Kong for Study purpose.
  • The applicant should submit his/her recent photograph.
  • The applicant should submit his/her photocopy of proof of his/her accommodation arrangement.
  • The applicant should submit travel document containing the personal details, date of issue of the visa, date of expiry, etc.

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