CANADA PR benefits

Canada is one of the most sought after country for immigration. United nations has voted Canada as the best places in the world to live. Being the second largest country in the world the manpower requirement is huge. The Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched electronic system known as Express entry on 1ST Jan 2015.Its designed to manage Canada PR.

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Australia is the best place to live, multicultural, diversified & simply the great. Among every 4 Australian 1 is born overseas which defines its diversity. Australia never faced recession because they adapt skilled people & skilled domain.

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New Zealand offers you the skilled migrant program which allows you to live in New Zealand along with the family. You can enjoy all the benefits of citizen on the PR Visa. Initially visa/skilled migrant visa is granted for 2 years therafter the visa will be extended for another 3 years post which you can apply for permanent resident of New Zealand.

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You can get multiple Visa categories for the UK. UK has the strongest economy, considered as the best business location in the world. The Job opportunities in the UK are high for IT, SOFTWARE, Engineer, Health, Finance & banking. You can apply for various categories of Visas for the UK. To apply get in touch with us

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The United States Of America is one of the most popular countries in the world as an immigration/study destination. The United States has over 60 types of non-immigrant visas. The US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), the concerned body provides guidelines and facilitates the processing of immigration. The US visa processes, Immigrant and Non immigrant are elaborate and an applicant is advised to get expert help. Various US Permit Programs applicable to professionals and investors are, 1.US Immigration 2.US H1B, H2B, H3, H4 Permits 3.US L1A and L1B, Permit or Intra-company Transfer 3.O-1 Visa 5.P-1 to P-3 Visa 6.R-1 Visa

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Germany is the strongest economical country in the EU region, it has strong job opportunities and very less unemployment rate. The job opportunities are higher for IT, Engineers, Medical, Finance, other skilled occupations. Germany needs high manpower, the country is shortage of manpower and skilled workers. Applicant gets the German Job seeker Visa for 6 months with which he/she can enter Germany and search for a job. Once the job is confirmed they can apply for Blue card/European residency after completing 5 years of stay in Germany on employment permit. Once you receive the employment permit you can work in any area of your interest. Germany job seeker visa allows you to stay for 6 months You can relocate with in few months and earn a chance to earn euros.

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Gateway Visas process HONGKONG Quality Migration Admission scheme which is a routeway for permanent residency. Hong Kong is considered to be the Best Business city in the world. Hong Kong is considered as the busiest city in the world, the numbers of passengers are too high at the Hong Kong International Airport. QMAS is quota based, points based system an applicant needs 80 points.

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Denmark has a strongest economy in the world known to be the best country to live. As per the UN world happiness report has rated Danes as happiest people on earth and happiest country. Denmark has oldest flag in the world still in use by an independent nation. About 50% Danes commutes by bicycles. Denmark offers green card which allows you to live, work, study for 3 years initially extended for 1 year later and then for 4 year thereafter which is a pathway for Permanent residency in Denmark

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South Africa has the cheapest electricity in the world. It's considered to be the second largest exporter of fruits. The critical worker visa allows you to enter South Africa without the job offer, once you receive the job confirmation your visa will be converted to work permit. Initially Visa granted for 3 months, once the job is confirmed the visa is converted to work permit. Visa will be granted based on skill set of the candidates as per the home affairs of South Africa Once applicant receives the work permit the applicant can apply for Permanent residency.

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Ireland is land of opportunities for IT, Health, Medicals, Finance, Engineering, Biotechnology, Software, BPO domains. Applicant can enter Ireland as job seeker on the job seeker visa valid for 6 months. Once you get the job offer in Ireland your job seeker visa is converted to Work permit as per the employment terms. You can apply for multiple categories of Visas for Ireland.

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