Canada/Australia PR Visa?

Australia or Canada? Choose the Best Country to Migrate

Both Canada and Australia are renowned for their welcoming nature to immigrants around the world. While the quality of life, entrepreneurship spirit, economic influence and overall sustainability makes Canada the unmatchable place to live in, living in Australia implies exposure to a young, free, and multi-cultural society with ever growing economy.

The immigration pathway to both countries is almost similar in terms of eligibility criteria, documents required, and visa processes. For instance, both countries require a work experience, a recognized global education degree, and an English proficiency proof to be eligible for PR visa processing. While I recommend you to contact Gateway Visas, one of the best pr visa consultants in Hyderabad for the entire PR process, take a look at this article to know about three major factors to be considered before making the right choice for immigration settlement.

Job opportunities:

Despite the surging cases of Corona various cases and subsequent lockdowns around the country, the economy of Australia is far away from dwindling. In fact, according to sources, rate of combined job ads from Australia and New Zealand increased 3 percent from May to June this year. The economic growth in 2021 was a whopping 129% compared to last year when the nation was struggling with a pandemic.

A strong economic presence for the past ten years has resulted in reduced unemployment, low inflation, and low interest rates. Australia’s open and competitive economy comprises of a dynamic private sector and a skilled workforce.

Some of the widely demanded jobs in Australia are:

  1. University lecturers with an average annual salary of 120,956 AUD.
  2. Mechanical and Production engineers with an annual salary of 107,369 AUD.
  3. Electricians with average annual salary of 82,875 AUD.
  4. Construction managers with an average annual salary of 91,084 AUD.
  5. Management consultants with an average annual salary of 67,274 AUD.
  6. Civil engineering professionals with an average annual salary of 50,798 AUD.

However international students still face difficulties in getting jobs due to employees’ hesitation in recruiting them over concerns like lack of local work experience, unclear visa status, and more.

On the contrary, Canada is the 10th strongest economy in the world with a GDP of 1.7T CAD boasting of a flourishing job market which offers enormous job opportunities in various fields especially the tech jobs. In fact, finding job in the Information and Communication sector is quite easier with emergence of about 42000 companies in the Canadian market.

Furthermore, according to sources, 93% of graduates have found a job couple of years after passing their studies. Canadian education with its industry-oriented syllabus and high standards is paving way to the creation of high skilled graduates who can easily grab job opportunities based on their qualification, skills, and knowledge.

Some of the highly demanded jobs in Canada are:

  1. Web developers with an average annual salary of 62522 CAD.
  2. Business development managers with an average annual salary of 85000 CAD.
  3. Project managers with average yearly salary of 90000 CAD.
  4. Heavy duty mechanics with average yearly salary of 70000 CAD.
  5. Sales associates with average salary of 50,255 CAD.
  6. General labors with an average salary of 29250 CAD.

Cost of Living:

Cost of living in Canada is about 2730 CAD per month for a single person while that of a person in Australia is about 2835 AUD per month.

Cost of living in Canada is about 9% lesser compared to that in Australia. The Government of Canada offers benefits to its citizens of permanent residents in terms of food security and health care facilities. On the other hand, Australia is the 16th most expensive country in the world with higher cost of living.

Below chart shows comparison between Canada and Australia with respect to different commodities:

Healthcare Facilities:

The healthcare structure of both Australia and Canada is almost similar with respect to division of powers between state and central governments. In fact, both Canada and Australia provide a robust healthcare system which benefits not only the natives but also immigrant permanent residents and even international students. For instance, in British Columbia, Canada, an international student can avail the provincial health insurance card after 3 months of being in the province.

Australia ranked third in the US-based Commonwealth Fund survey of healthcare in eleven countries this year.

Figure below shows healthcare performance ranks with respect to each factor:

So, what does that indicates?

  1. Australia provides similar health care to people irrespective of their income.
  2. Healthcare outcomes like high life expectancy, low infant mortality rates, low childbirth causalities, etc. indicate exceptional performance of Australia’s Medicare scheme.
  3. Australian medical practitioners can easily navigate patient healthcare system with lesser paperwork.
  4. While access to primary healthcare like general practitioners is affordable, access to hospital facilitates like elective procedures, outpatient appointments, etc. are tiresome.
  5. Australian healthcare scores high on preventive care and patient engagement.

Above mentioned points position Australia as the 3rd best healthcare provisioning country and you need not guess why Australia is a popular immigration destination.

Even though Canada ranked 10th in the same survey, it is still preferred for its highly efficient healthcare facilities like patient centered care, easy access to new treatments, high quality infrastructure, and more. Canadian healthcare facilities can be availed by anyone; be it a salaried personal, unemployed person, students, disabled, or pensioners. However, it does not include drugs prescription, eye care, and dental care.

To summarize, both Australia and Canada are an excellent choice for immigrants to settle in, given their flourishing economy, high standard of education, universal healthcare facilities, other benefits, and most importantly, an easy PR process.

The info graph below illustrates comparison between Australia and Canada

How Gateway Visas can help you choose the best destination?

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