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Guide to Choose the best Canada Province in 2022

Despite the world being engulfed by the dreadful COVID pandemic, Canada’s immigration frenzy seems to be surging higher and higher especially among the provincial nominee programs. According to sources, till date, more than 7000 new immigrants have been invited for provincial nomination and the cap is set to be about 80000 annually till 2023.

For the uninitiated, Canada’s immigration power is divided among the federal and provincial/territorial governments. You can apply for both federal and provincial immigration through the express entry application system where a PNP nomination can fetch you about 600 CRS points; almost guaranteeing your invitation for permanent residency.

Therefore, it is mandatory to carefully choose a province where the immigration program is aligned with your professional and personal profile. Keep reading to find which province would be best fit for you in terms of higher standard of living and professional growth.

Tips in choosing the best Canada Province

1. Analyze In-Demand Provincial Streams:

Analyze the PNP streams of the given province to check out the most demanded occupations in the province. A feasible option is to look for provinces where your skillset qualifies for at least minimal requirements of the PNP program. Even though you may get a job, a province where your occupation is not in demand might not be a suitable choice for you.

Below given are insights into some in-demand occupations for different provinces:

a. Nova Scotia lists out in-demand occupations streams for international graduates as well as for skilled workers.
b. British Columbia has a total of 28 NOC codes and different occupation centric streams to accommodate professionals like physicians, healthcare professionals, and tech workers.
c. Ontario runs a Human Capital Priorities Stream which lists out 6 tech NOC codes as most important, and also has a In-Demand skills stream with 10 NOC codes.

2. Find an occupation-specific PNP stream:

Finding a provincial nominee program stream designed specifically for your occupation is a better option than relying on the generic one-size-fits-all express entry program. These streams are an extension of the In-Demand occupation streams and are suitable mainly for healthcare, tech workers, physicians, and others specializing in essential services. In fact, the above-mentioned professionals can easily get relevant jobs in provinces having streams for their specific occupation.

3. Look for settlement support:

Choose a province where your employer can provide you settlement support once you reach the province and start your job. For persons qualifying under the Atlantic pilot project, they get support from their respective employers for settlement through professional settlement agencies. While small provinces can be better choice for settling owing to lower cost of living, a job in cities like Toronto or Vancouver along with settlement support is definitely an undeniable option.

4. Find a PNP program linked to Express Entry:

Make sure you select a province whose immigration program is linked to the federal based express entry system. It is easier and flexible to switch to the express entry pool from provincial pool once you acquire required CRS points after getting nominated from that province.

5. Select a province with maximum job opportunities:

Select a province where it is easy to get a job without having to put excruciating efforts in finding employment in accordance to your skill set and experience. Make sure your chosen province has ample job opportunities as mentioned below:

a. Employment in the IT, accounting, finance, or real estate, especially management jobs is easy to find in big cities like Montreal, Toronto, and/or Vancouver.

b. Remote areas like New Brunswick or Yukon are feasible for small scale jobs like forestry, fishing, animal husbandry, and more.

c. In case you are fluent French speaker but lack ample English-speaking skills, you can look out for jobs in Quebec host to Canada’s largest French speaking demography.

6. Plan your settlement:

Decide whether you want to settle down in a quiet serene place surrounded by nature or be part of a dynamic megalopolis culture with completely busy and hustle life. Also, make sure you are completely aware of the accommodation rates in different places of Canada.

Now that you have been made familiar with some of the most popular tips and suggestions to choose the best province for Canada PR immigration, your next obvious step is to find the most reliable and trustworthy immigration consultants for Canada. But wait, you need to meticulously understand each province with respect to their employment prospects, resource endowments, and demographics. Given below are some of the popular provinces in Canada along with their native industries.


The province has a total of 3.6 million population with popular cities like Edmonton and Calgary. In fact, Alberta is the second largest producer of agricultural products in Canada. Other top sectors include the energy sector which accounts for a quarter of the province’s GDP and forestry, which is the 3rd largest industry in Alberta. Check more details about the Alberta Province.


Despite being one of the coldest places in Canada, Saskatchewan is still popular for its high standards of living. It is home to some largest manufacturing companies producing food and beverages, chemicals, wood products, and machinery.


Manitoba is also a feasible option for immigrants with low cost of living and plenty of opportunities. Top industries include the agriculture sector with wheat being the dominating crop, manufacturing sector dominated by food, machinery, clothing, and transportation equipment.


With a plethora of industries, higher cost of living, high quality public services, Ontario is the most popular choice of province for immigrants. Cities specially Toronto is next emerging silicon-valley hub with some of the largest IT companies. Other dominant sector includes manufacturing and mining sector.

British Columbia:

Despite being one the expensive places to live in, British Columbia is still a popular choice for permanent residency with its vast job opportunities, high standard of living, universal healthcare, and more. Top industries include IT, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, commerce, and more.

Other provinces like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador have majority of jobs revolving around the tourism, fishing, forestry, and agricultural industries.

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