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On May 23, 2023, Australia and India formalized a Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement (MMPA). This bilateral framework facilitates and encourages reciprocal migration and mobility between the two nations, while also dealing with concerns related to unauthorized and irregular migration.

One of the most thrilling features of the Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement is the launch of the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-Professionals Scheme, abbreviated as MATES. MATES is a specialized avenue designed for young Indian graduates and early-career professionals, providing them with an extraordinary chance to delve into Australia's vibrant job market, acquire priceless international experience, and contribute their expertise to various industries.

Why MATES Visa?

  • An annual issuance record of 3000 visas
  • Streamlined process for professionals and students
  • Opportunity to gain valuable professional work experience in Australia
  • Ability to live and work in Australia for up to 2 years
  • Option to migrate to Australia without the need for sponsorship

Benefits of Australia MATES Visa:

  • Annual visa cap: The MATES program aims to issue 3000 temporary visas annually to young and skilled professionals.
  • Australian work exposure: Professionals migrating with a MATES Visa can acquire valuable work experience in Australia with global exposure.
  • Multiple-entries: The MATES visa is a multiple-entry visa, allowing candidates to travel freely between Australia and their home country throughout the two-year period.
  • Two-year residency: Candidates have the opportunity to live and seek employment in Australia for a duration of up to two years.
  • No sponsorship required: The MATES visa enables candidates to move to Australia for work purposes without the need for employer sponsorship.

Participants will have the option to apply to bring their dependents (spouses and dependent children) along. These dependents will have the right to work in Australia and their inclusion will not be counted towards the annual cap.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Individuals aged 30 years or below (inclusive).
  • Not engaged previously in the MATES program.
  • English skills must be proficient for the individuals with overall IELTS or equivalent score at least 6, with a minimum score of 5 points in each module.
  • Have completed their education at an eligible institution within the last 2 years from the time of application.

Must be a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holder in any one of the below mentioned modules:

  • Renewable Energy.
  • Mining.
  • Engineering.
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT).
  • Artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Financial technology (FinTech).
  • Agricultural technology (AgriTech).

Number of visas issued 3000 per Year, processing time and application process details will be revealed soon.

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